leather wrap bracelet


Ahh the classic W+G Leather Wrap. Where do we begin? This is a style that we originally started out with in about 2013. Of course, it has evolved immensely since then, while still being one of our most popular styles. But how do you wear it, one might ask? Well, personally, I wear it EVERYWHERE. I also like to wear it EVERYWAY. Wrap it once, twice, or three times. It is comfortable af and how it is styled is all UP TO YOU. Some personal suggestions below...

Wrist, obviously. I like to pile them on, wearing 1,2,3 or 4 at a time. And since we recently added this style in white leather, I include the white and black together. YES, together. I'm also a fan of including some/all of our Beaded Wraps, because I like it chunky ;) 

We then have, ZE CHOKER. Everyone wants a choker, right? Well with our Leather Wrap, you have a choker + much more, all for the price of one! Mwahaha biches.

And here we have, THE ANKLE! Tie this beauty on your ankle and you need nothing else. Rolled up jeans, white T, grey hoodie under a leather jacket, sick stilettos and you're f*cking set. (Or, how I usually wear it, with sweatpants and sneakers).

One last thought.. Mid calf? I don't know. It could be a thing?

We're always finding new places/ways to wear our favorite wrap. We'll keep ya posted!