Can we discuss my obsession with Anjel Skull?

Can we discuss my obsession with Anjel Skull?

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Hi, my name is Gloria and I'm addicted to Anjel Skull.

Anjelica, the beauty behind AS, and I came together about a year ago to see if the disfunction behind our 2 brands can come up with anything worth offering to the world. It did. We've been selling our unique designs + select fav pieces from AS on our site ever since, and it's been a GODDAMN HIT. Some creative ways to wear garters all over your body can be seen below.

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: UPPER THIGH.... Wear a chunky sweater (as a dress) with a Thigh Garter and YOU ARE GOOD TO GO. PS - You WILL get stared at. Embrace it.


HAND GARTER: BECAUSE WHY NOT? This Hand Garter immediately makes you feel amazing. It is SO MUCH cool and sexy in one piece, with minimal (zero) effort. 


THE NECK GARTER: Keeping it simple and hot, while wearing the worlds most comfortable choker.

WAIST GARTER: Because, THIS. Wear it everywhere, under everything, always.  I mean that's my personal tip, but for those of you who wouldn't do that everyday, my favorite would be under low waisted boyfriend jeans, having the top peak out just enough for people to wonder what the f*ck is wrong with you.

waist garter


What do you guys think? Use code AS16 for 10% off ALL W+G x ANJEL SKULL styles, and let us know how you wear your garters! Don't forget to send us your pics! WE WANT TO POST YOU HEHE.



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